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"... you may be worried, about the security of your shit"

Обсуждали тут что-то, я нашла на ютьюбе клип из "После прочтения сжечь".
Валяюсь под столом, посмотрела уже 10 раз, кажется...... Брэдушка тут чуден, имхо, не ожидала от него :) Вообще, мне жалко было, когда ... ой. Это уже спойлер.

Надо найти еще клип, где он разговаривает с Оззи в машине. Или купить дивиди с англ. текстом.
(UPD. О! вот она. Meeting in Osbourne Cox's car)

Под катом кусок из сценария к этой сцене. По-английски и много ругательных слов.

CHAD. Osbourne? Osbourne Cox?
OSBOURNE. Yes----uh----Who is this?
CHAD. Are you... uh... Osbourne Cox?
OSBOURNE. Who is this? What time is it? Who are you?
CHAD. I'm a Good Samaritan. I'm sorry I'm calling at such an hour, but I thought you might be worried.
OSBOURNE. Worried?
CHAD. About the security. Of your shit.
OSBOURNE. What on earth are you talking about? Who am I speaking to?
KATIE. Who is it?
CHAD. Your files----your documents. I know these documents are sensitive. But I am perfectly happy to return to you your sensitive shit. At a time of your choosing.
OSBOURNE. What documents? What are you talking about?
CHAD. ... Osbourne Cox?
OSBOURNE (explosive). Yes! Yes, I'm Osbourne Cox! Who the fuck­
CHAD. Settle down, Osbourne.
KATIE. Who is that?
OSBOURNE. What documents are you talking about?
CHAD (referring to his notepaper) OK. "The bureau chief in Belgrade we all called Slovak the Butcher. He had very little report with his staff, and his despatches were marked by----
OSBOURNE. Ra-por, very little rapport with his staff, you fucking moron! How did you get----
CHAD. Don't blow a gasket, Osbourne. I have----
OSBOURNE. How did you get a hold of that!
CHAD. It's not important where I----
OSBOURNE. You're in way over your fucking head! Who the fuck are you? You have no idea what you're doing!
CHAD. Oh! Why so uptight, Osbourne Cox? I'm just a Good Samaritan, like, a traveler on the road who has happened upon ---
LINDA. We're going to return it, we just thought----
CHAD. Linda, I'll do it!
OSBOURNE. Who's this?!
KATIE. Ozzie, what is going on.
LINDA. Like a Good Samaritan tax----
OSBOURNE. Who the fuck----
CHAD. You know, this is a major inconvenience for us and we thought, you know, a reward----
OSBOURNE. So it's money! So it's money!
CHAD. Well, yeah, uh... why not? I mean, this is not----am I out of line here?
OSBOURNE. All right, you two clowns listen to me very very carefully. I don't know who you are, but I warn you most emphatically----
LINDA. You warn us? You warn us? You know what, Mr., Mr. Intelligence? We warn you! We'll call you back with our demands!
CHAD. Hello? We just----
OSBOURNE. Who, who----
LINDA. Chad! Don't play his game!
OSBOURNE. Hello! Hello!
CHAD (into the phone as he hangs it up). Sorry.
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