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Google, "Бегун" и другие

Может, кому интересно:

Поймать перебежчика

Государство решило защитить Рунет от иностранных конкурентов

Крупнейшей интернет-компании Google на прошлой неделе не дали купить российскую систему контекстной рекламы «Бегун». Далее

На прошлой неделе Dow Jones разместил материал из WSJ - Google разочарован: «But the move is a setback for Google's attempts to expand its services overseas and a sign that some countries appear to be growing antsy about the online ad-giant's growth.
The decision also comes as Google is facing heightened scrutiny from regulators at home. The U.S. Department of Justice is reviewing whether to allow a Google ad-sharing agreement with Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) to proceed».
А вот фрагмент из комментария «по случаю» аналитиков Unicredit/Aton: “We view the news as negative for Rambler Media. Firstly, retaining Begun should impede Rambler’s profitability improvements since Begun operates at lower margins than Rambler. Secondly, if no other form of cooperation is formed between Google and Rambler, Google would remain Rambler's direct online search competitor. Additionally, if the deal does not go through Rambler would not receive the $70mn cash payment for the company, which would limit its ability to expand in the Russian Internet market through acquisitions in the near future. Although Rambler remains cash positive, with $26mn in cash as of end-1H08, and is debt free, we would see it as much less flexible during these tough times without the money from the purchase.
The news suggests there may be a lack of positive triggers for Rambler in the short term, which, along with its low liquidity, is likely to leave Rambler among market underperformers.
We note that in addition to worsening advertising market prospects, the negative corporate newsflow is likely to deepen the negative sentiment surrounding the Russian media segment. We plan to revise our advertising market and financial forecasts for RBC, Rambler and CTC Media shortly”.



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Oct. 27th, 2008 10:49 am (UTC)
Постепенно поисковики движутся к статусу стратегических предприятий. Вместо интернет-забора дрогостоящих проектов отделения россйского интернета от остального мира можно легко и дешево выкинуть ненужное из выдачи поисковика, что сильно сократит траффик на нежелательном ресурсе. Поэтому никто никаких поисковиков супостатам сейчас не продаст. Самим нужны!
Oct. 27th, 2008 12:56 pm (UTC)
.. а хуже всех как будто Рамблеру.....
Oct. 27th, 2008 02:52 pm (UTC)
Да и хрен с ним! Пусть лучше помрет, чем врагу достанется!
Если честно, то поисковый траффик с Рамблера у меня совсем упал. Уже стал даже меньше search.mail.ru, который суть Яндекс.
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