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Статья в Гардиан про выступление Миллибэнда в Киеве

Дэйвид Херст жжот про Миллибэнда на минном поле:

"By going to Kiev to send Russia a signal that Moscow will not be allowed to have a veto over Ukraine joining Nato, Miliband is stepping blindly and foolishly into a minefield. Thus far Russians and Ukrainians of all political colours, blue and orange, and of all ethnicities have resolved their differences by negotiation and largely without bloodshed. The new map has been changed as much by western military and oil interests advancing eastwards into the Black Sea as it is by Russia's appallingly short-sighted bullying of its neighbours. But one is a product of the other.

The surest way of changing Russia's behaviour towards its neighbours is to have a new regime in the Kremlin. The surest way of cementing Putinism for generations to come is for a British foreign secretary to be making vacuous commitments to a country he knows nothing about, and which he is in no position to honour."

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