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Кто-то сегодня вопрошал во френдленте...

...а вот и матерьяльчик. Злая редакционная в Washington Post:

"The oligarchy's widespread corruption, disrespect for the rule of law and embrace of globalization make it a perfect target for Western "soft power." Whenever they have jurisdiction to do so -- which should be often -- U.S. and E.U. regulators should examine the business transactions of people close to Putin's regime for money laundering or for securities, tax and other economic irregularities. Asset tracing and long statutes of limitation should enable Western authorities to examine years' worth of business activities. The U.S. Justice Department should aggressively prosecute any instances of Kremlin-connected market manipulation, fraud, tax evasion and money laundering that fall within its reach.

Subpoenas, indictments, asset forfeitures, judgments and travel restrictions will hit where even the most callous bullies feel pain: squarely in the wallet. Western governments should also support private investors who try to challenge Kremlin-backed thievery. Moscow's blatant manipulation of oil and gas deliveries, often masquerading as technical problems, should be vigorously contested by Western customers and substantial penalties sought. Russian efforts to purchase additional refineries and pipelines in the West should be challenged on antitrust grounds."

(Target the Kremlin Pocketbooks, Aug 27, 2008)
А авторы из юрфирмы. За правду:)) Business opportunity, опять же......
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