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В поисках вдохновенья .... ФранЦ Пресс....
Нормально.. пошла доправлять статьи.

Нет, погодите-ка: "I'm still a bit puzzled as to why this has gone so far, given the risks to Georgia in terms of the possibility of not being able to fulfill its aspirations towards NATO and the EU." 

ОК, это вдохновляет еще сильней.

"Massive Russian intervention would mean it's going to be a long war, a bloody war, with an unpredictable outcome, because Ossetia is geographically separated from Russia."

Хвот? Если с первым можно согласиться, второго не понимаю... Горы?

"Last week's attack on (New York-listed coal firm) Mechel's pricing behavior by Putin and the lasting TNK-BP saga found a bloody next act in a screenplay that could be named "how to destroy the investment story of one of the strongest credits in the emerging markets universe".

Окончательно "вдохновилась"........
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