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Сегодня ночью читала статью 'Bringing Down Bear Stearns' в Vanity Fair. Зубы мои (все или некоторые - не поймешь) болели, голова была тяжелая, ощущения как от той картинки: темно, тяжело, горячо и страшно.

VF люблю, среди прочего, за большие, полные букв страницы. После каждой страницы я впадала в беспокойный сон, и мне снились дядьки из Bear Stears, JP Morgan и прочие..... Потом зубы опять меня будили и я принималась читать дальше. Ничего не понимаю в механике инвестбизнеса, но статья захватила. Ну, как в бреду примерно........  А вообще, можно на киносценарий переложить.

Не подумайте чего: накануне я уже вычитала оттуда еще более интересную статью о дочери Джованни Аньели (FIAT) и напряженной ситуации в этой семье. Да ужас просто, ужас .... Богатые тоже плачут, как минимум.
Кстати, вот эпизодик из ее жизни, связанный с Россией (а ее второй муж был русского происхождения, из князьев):

She met Serge de Pahlen, a Russian count, while teaching art part-time in the alternative kindergarten her children attended in the basement of the house of his sister. She and the children moved with him to Brazil, where he went to work for a French oil company, and almost immediately the couple began producing children of their own. After they married, in 1985, Margherita converted to de Pahlen’s religion, Orthodox Christianity.
Tall, white-haired, quiet, and exceedingly well-mannered, de Pahlen joins us in the dining room overlooking Lake Geneva as Margherita continues their story. From Brazil they moved to Paris, where de Pahlen succumbed to what Margherita had successfully avoided her whole life: he joined Fiat as an international director. “My wife is a woman who decided when she was very young not to be part of the jet set,” Serge de Pahlen told the Agnelli-owned newspaper La Stampa. She continued to live a life apart from that world, including a 1992 vacation in a dacha, a wooden country house, in the wilds of Russia, which ended tragically. One morning before dawn, the couple awoke to find the dacha in flames. Serge smashed the living-room window with a chair, and they literally threw their five children out to safety. When Margherita attempted to save their dog, however, her hair and clothing caught fire. Serge was unable to reach the room where two of the children of the family that had accompanied them on the vacation were sleeping, and they perished in the fire. “You can imagine our anguish, this burden on our souls,” Margherita told a reporter after she had been driven six hours in a minivan to Moscow, where her father sent his jet to fly her to Paris. With burns on 18 percent of her body, she endured months of surgery and skin grafts.

Наутро добрый д-р Зубодер вскрыл мне зуб, вынул нерв, потом вскрыл десну (до кучи - вскрывать так вскрывать), прописал лекарство и пригласил наведаться в гости и завтра.

Ну это просто д-р JP Morgan!! 

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