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Ах эта свадьба, свадьба, свадьба, свадьба....

... не дает покоя: "Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni have to concede. They're no longer the first presidential couple in the world. Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev are. Their relationship is obviously close but also mysterious, secretive, open to various and contradictory interpretations. The pundits and ordinary Russians are obsessed. Can the country's new and former president live together? Will this end well, or badly? After Mr. Medvedev's inauguration last week and his older, taller mentor's move into the prime minister's office at Moscow's White House, the optimists hope that this duality of power could lead to the emergence of checks and balances and greater pluralism in Russian politics. The pessimists fear intense conflict inside the ruling class that, maybe, could bring civil strife." (Russia's Power Couple, 16 May 2008, The Wall Street Journal)
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