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Как это было. Президенты плечом к плечу.....

Гнусные инсинуации, у них что-то со слухом, не иначе:

"They arrived separately but walked out together. Like a bridegroom in church, Vladimir Putin arrived for the ceremony first. In front of 2,400 guests, he entered through the Kremlin's oldest and grandest banqueting hall. Only after he had taken his place at the podium, with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church in sight, did the television cameras show the “bridal” motorcade arriving. The new president, Dmitry Medvedev, walked in through an ordinary entrance and stood next to Mr Putin. If there was any doubt about seniority in this tandem, Mr Putin then spoke first, about “passing the symbol of state power to Dmitry Medvedev.”

In his own speech, the 42-year-old Mr Medvedev promised to protect the freedoms and rights of Russian citizens. A few minutes later, the two men emerged from the Kremlin—Mr Putin in a long black coat, his protégé in a short black raincoat. “Comrade president”, the head of the presidential guard seemed to address both, as they stood shoulder to shoulder."

'A strange Kremlin wedding', 8 May 2008

.... а вот комменты там, как мне показалось, жгут! (читать с конца - они в обратном хронологическом порядке) Конечно, там вам не ЖЖ, однако дан местами достойный отпор :) Слышен даже глас народа. Ого! "Врангель еще жив, добей его без пощады".
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