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A matter of translation - держите меня семеро!

"Kommersant misrepresented the very essence of the U.S. expert report Alternative Futures for Russia to 2017, to be officially presented in Washington, DC, within a few hours, one of its authors said to RIA Novosti. Andrew C. Kuchins is director of the Russia and Eurasia Program of CSIS, Center for Strategic & International Studies. ...

... Andrew Kuchins said it was a totally irresponsible misrepresentation of a serious effort by leading experts from the United States and other countries, who were actively pondering over Russia's future. As he explained, the newspaper was irresponsibly offering a hypothetical scenario he had written by way of warning to illustrate the danger of a situation in which too much in Russian political life was resting on one person.

Andrei Vasilyev, Kommersant Editor-in-Chief, ascribed the controversy to "mistranslation" in a commentary on the expert's opinion.

"It's all a matter of translation," he said to RIA Novosti."

А вот насчет перевода не надо было - некрасиво получилось совсем...........
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