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What Americans Think about Their Schools

А вот вчера обсуждали статью про "Ивовую лигу" (ой!) и читали про американское образование..... можно еще к первоисточнику обратиться.

What Americans Think about Their Schools - на сайте института Гувера, плиз:

"This survey reveals a U.S. public that continues to support its public schools, but also one that wants these schools to become more effective and is willing to endorse a wide variety of reforms it thinks will bring that about. Americans, for the most part, are pragmatists. They are searching for something that works. It could be accountability, it might be choice, it could be class-size reduction, and it may be changes in teacher recruitment and pay. Reform proposals in each of these areas have pluralities in support of them. In some instances, though, sizable portions of the public remain unpersuaded by advocates on either side.
Clearly, the debate over American education is far from over."

ЗЫ. Сама еще не успела прочитать ничего, кроме выводов (выше).
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