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Еще заметки по The Economist Style Guide: 

Заголовки (жестоко!)

“Headings and captions set the tone: they are more read than anything else, especially in the newspaper. Use them, therefore, to draw readers in, not to repel them. That means wit (where appropriate), not bad puns; sharpness (ditto), not familiarity (call people by their last names, not their first names); originality, not clichés.”

back to the future
bridges (or anything else) too far
China syndromes
empires striking back
French connections
flavours of the month
generation X
gentler hearts and minds
mind the gap
new kids on the block
$64,000 questions
southern discomfort
windows of opportunity
where’s the beef?
could do better (a favorite with education stories)
taxing times (tax stories)

Слово important
If something is important, say why and to whom. Use sparingly, and avoid such unexplained claims as this important house, the most important painter of the 20th century

Похожие слова
Impracticable – it cannot be done
Impractical – not worth trying to do it

Замечания о курсиве
Полагается писать курсивом:
The Economist и The Times. Во всех остальных случаях артикль пишут, как обычно, название - курсивом: the Daily Telegraph
Иностранные слова и фразы в английском тексте: jihad, glasnost, loya jirga
Судебные дела: Brown v Board of Education
Названия кораблей, самолетов, космических кораблей: HMS Illustrious, Challenger

Locate – ugly word!
The missing scientist was located means he was found. The diplomats will meet at a secret location means either that they will meet in a secret place or that they will meet secretly. A company located in Texas is simply a company in Texas. 



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