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Заочные курсы вождения

Компания Ripoff Ltd. представляет заочные курсы обучения вождению.
Пардон, там по-английски все. Мб. если перевести, то может даже и не смешно, но, как говорится: "Это Ге, Леонид Ильич. - А мне нрааавится..."

.... Find the key. This is a small device for locking and unlocking the car. Insert the key in the small hole near the handle and turn it (usually clockwise) until you hear a click or a clunk. Now pull the handle. Carefully enter the car, minding your head. Sit facing forwards so that the steering wheel is in front of you. Grasp the wheel firmly with both hands to ensure that you are seating correctly. If you are now seated behind the steering wheel, you have passed part one of this course! Congratulations. ...
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