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Побольше оптимизма

Погрустили о ту-144 ( и конкордах и хватит. Слава богу, мировое авиастроение не стоит на месте, вот и наш суперджетик на подходе: ... Ой, а где же моя карта с остальными фото с МАКСа? Похищена! Шпионаж!

Еще о шпионаже, раз на то пошло:
NARRATOR: Under surveillance, Pavlov approached an airport worker to collect tire scrapings off the runway from a Concorde test aircraft. His guilt established, the French intelligence used the unsuspecting Pavlov to confuse the Russians. They fed him false intelligence.

HOWARD MOON: They brewed up in their laboratories, apparently, this marvelous rubber compound, something like bubble gum, previously unknown in the annals of industrial chemistry, and gave this to the Frenchman to pass on to his Soviet contact. And I've always had this picture of these poor Soviets out there in the steppes trying to reproduce this bubble gum and try to turn it into large tires for their SST and completely failing and being rather severely punished by their administrators and the entire system for their inability to make this stuff work.

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