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'Kate Moss of politics'

"In an astute intent to advertise their luggage and travel accessories collection, the French fashion house Louis Vuitton has chosen former Russian President Mikhail S. Gorbachev as their new campaign model. He is seen by many as one of the most intelligent and capable people on earth, he was responsible for putting an end to the Cold War as well as ending the political supremacy of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union - he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990.

The appearance of Gorbachev vastly helps to raise Louis Vuitton's decadent image. Over the last decade, primarily because of the wide distribution of fake purses, the label’s image rapidly decay. The infamous monogram became a synonym of tackiness and bad taste - new rich people. As he appears using one of their bags, the label is instantly associated with high-power, great thinkers, and everything classy. A high-class sector of powerful men, and those whose intent is to become one of them, will probably be attracted by Louis Vuitton, and they will more likely start using them. Because after all, for most great thinkers, Gorbachev is like the Kate Moss of politics."



ЗЫ. А здесь Катрин Денев из той же оперы -
И Граф с Агасси -

ЗЗЫ. 'It's a safe bet there are no pizzas in the bag'
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