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Землячества в Гулаге

Вспомнила про это, начитавшись sapojnik по поводу дедовщины, землячеств и проч.

“Odd enough it sounds, in most camps there was no clan for Russians, the ethnic group which formed the decided majority in the camps, according to the Gulag’s own statistics, throughout their existence. […] Russians did, it is true, attach themselves to one another according to what city or part of the country they came from. Muscovites found other Muscovites, Leningraders other Leningraders, and so on. […]

Often, the Muscovites were particularly powerful and organized. […]

... other ethnic groups formed whole networks of support, finding places in barracks for newcomers, helping them to get easier jobs, the Russians did not. Ariadna Efron wrote that upon arrival to Turukhansk, where she was  exiled with other prisoners at the end of her camp sentence, her train was met by exiles already living there:

A Jewish man took aside the Jewish women in our group, gave them bread, explained to them how to comport themselves, what to do. Then a group of Georgian women were met by a Georgian – and, after a while, there were only us Russians left, perhaps ten to fifteen people. No one came to us, offered us bread, or gave us any advice. […]

Still, there were some distinctions among the Russian inmates – distinctions based on ideology rather than ethnicity.’

(From Gulag: A History, by Anne Applebaum. Penguin Books. 2004. pp. 279-280.)

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