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Оторваться от реальности

Пришел июньский Vanity Fair. Великолепные фото королевы Елизаветы, щелкала Энни Лейбовиц. (Очень люблю ее фотографию, особенно групповые портреты). Тут же небольшая заметка о том, как подбирали туалеты для королевы, на съемки было выделено всего полчаса, поэтому больших затей с переодеваниями позволить было нельзя.

Портреты чУдные. Интересно, снимают ли как-то в этом духе наших "сильных мира сего"? И где эти фото публикуют? Настоящий королевский портрет - не нужно никакой мазни а ля Глазунофф. И тут же - фото принцессы Елизаветы в 16 лет. Черно-белое. 1942 год.

О королевском гардеробе:
"In choosing a wardrobe for the shoot, Leibovitz and V.F.'s fashion and style director Michael Roberts found themselves in a thicket of centuries' worth of tradition. Working with the Queen's lady-in-waiting, Lady Susan Hussey, and her dresser, the no-nonsense Angela Kelly, they were presented with numerous beautiful robes, none of which could be worn for one reason or another. "She has the coronation robes, which was not an option for her to wear, says Roberts. "She had a very beautiful robe called the Order of the Thistle, which is a dark green cloak, very simple, but we couldnt wear that because it was the Scottish order, and it would be inappropriate. There was a lot of use of the word 'inappopriate'. There was a red robe, which is the Order of the British Empire, but she couldn't wear that one, as I was told, because she wears that every eight years and she wore it a year ago, so we'd have to wait another seven years. It felt like we did wait seven years sorting things out." The accessories added another layer of restrictions. "If she's wearing the Queen Mary tiara, she will not be wearing such and such a cloak. If she's wearing such and such a cloak, she will have a hat. If it's not on her head, it was suggested, it could be put on the velvet cushion by her side."

 --- Портфолио, посвященное йоге - портреты йогов и йогинь (или как они называеются). Некоторые их позы вызывают у меня неприятное чувство, быстро переворачиваю страницы. А в целом неплохо - дяденька какой-то девяностолетний... выглядит максимум на 60. Хорошо консервируются, надо понимать.......

--- первый раз увидела слово Londonistan

--- Историческая загадка от главреда VF: "Imagine this: The world's premier military and economic superpower (let's call it Country A) gins up a war against a faraway opponent (Country B) after it refuses to kowtow to Country A's wishes. Country B, it should be said, is rich in the essential resources that A requires to continue its expansion. A showers B with name-calling invective and then, with war imminent, A's leaders predict that B will collapse almost immediately. But not only does B not fold - it rallies and fights back guerrilla-style. Meanwhile, in Country A the war's architects and proponents are accused of misjudging the enemy, Country A's leader (let's call him George) is accused of being ill informed and downright ignorant of the people and customs of Country B. Within A, tensions rise and the nation divides on the issue of the war, Country A throws everything it can at B - including years of warfare. Country A concedes defeat and from those ashes, B rises to become the next great sphere of influence in the world.

If you are thinking Country A is the U.S., you'd be wrong. A is late 18th-century Great Britain under the reign of another failed George, George III. Country B is the formative United States of America."

А вы что подумали?

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