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А все-таки Анжелину Джоли в "Л. и." ( жалко - такая блестящая женщина и вот какая история. ...

Какие ж язвительные рецензии пишут ( Получи:
-- It's a rich concept -- The Godfather, Part II set in Langley, Va. -- and it might have been a classic if someone like Francis Ford Coppola had come out of semi-retirement to direct it.
-- Robert De Niro made up for lost time by making "The Good Shepherd," a film that feels like it takes 13 years to watch.That's an exaggeration. The sprawling, 160-minute epic only feels like it takes seven hours.
-- His wife doesn’t love him, his son’s scared by him and he seems to be on better social terms with his enemies than his friends. Then again, we can’t quite blame them. We don’t like the guy either.

Но при этом: Told with a visual efficiency that belies the film's considerable length, Shepherd is a muscular, unsentimental movie about shadow warriors and dark compromises. It takes its audience's intelligence for granted and rewards it at every turn.

Захотелось прочитать про тех шпионов, но у меня, кажется, нет ничего про это время.....

И еще - Virginia is for lovers и осенью там очень красиво.
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