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Из письма читателя Washington Post:

" I'm flabbergasted by the style currently in vogue for book titles. Just look at the titles of some of the books reviewed in the Jan. 29 issue of Book World. First it seems compulsory to give each book a subtitle, e.g., The Cold War: A New History. Why not "A New History of the Cold War"? Am I missing something? Second, each of the next three books reviewed has the subtitle "A Novel." My gosh, did the authors and publishers worry that readers might think that The Last of Her Kind was a paleontology text or The Ice Soldier was a new Nordic military strategy? Then there's A Strong West Wind: A Memoir. Hey, I might have thought it was a dreary meteorology text. How come Dostoevsky got away with Crime and Punishment? Shouldn't its subtitle have been "Raskolnikov Got What He Deserved"? "

Washington Post, 12/02/2006


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