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Did the queen see 'The Queen'?

Отвечает "Индепендент". Кажется, нет, не смотрела. В других газетах я тоже видела слова о том, что королева скорее всего не будет смотреть фильм о таких печальных событиях, но работу и Оскар Хелен Миррен ценит очень высоко. А поэтому Миррен в самое ближайшее время ожидает приглашение попить в обществе королевы чайку.


3 March 2007
The Independent
c) 2007 Independent & Media PLC

THE QUEEN (2006)
Did the Queen see The Queen? Andy Harries, the film’s producer, seems to think so. “We’ve heard that she’s seen it and she enjoyed it,” he said, after the Bafta awards. The Daily Mail quoted one source who claimed, “She thinks it’s terrific.” But other “royal sources” contacted by The Sun concluded entirely the opposite – that the monarch would find the film too distressing to watch. So who to believe? Buckingham Palace was unforthcoming. Her Majesty’s press officer, Penny Russell-Smith, said: “I
fear I’m not going to be able to add very much to what you know. We rarely, if ever, know about the Queen’s film and television preferences. Obviously, she does so in private, so I genuinely have no idea. Sorry!”

What about the rest of the Royal Family? A spokesperson at Clarence House answered for Princes Charles, William and Harry, saying that “to the best of our knowledge, none of [the princes] have seen The Queen. And, so, we are not in a position to comment on what they thought about it.”

One person who may soon discover the answer is Helen Mirren, who has supposedly been invited to have lunch with the Queen when the Oscar winner returns from Los Angeles.
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