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Оговорочка по ....

Сегодня дивились на рекламное объявление Enel в "Российской газете" - на то, как они собираются покупать активы Газпрома.... Гадали.

Из сообщения Reuters:

"Enel's full-page ad confuses Gazprom with YUKOS

MOSCOW, March 13 (Reuters) - Italian energy firm Enel slipped up in an advertisement published on Tuesday which said it would bid for the assets of Russian gas giant Gazprom, instead of bankrupt oil firm YUKOS.

The glitch, which comes as Russia's President Vladimir Putin starts his trip to Italy, was made in a full-page advert in Russia's official government gazette, trumpeting Enel's plans to invest up to 4 billion euros ($5.27 billion) in Russia.

"Together with Italian oil group ENI and our Moscow partner ESN, Enel will also take part in auctions for the right to buy some of the companies of Gazprom, such as Arcticgas and Urengoil, which control large methane deposits," Enel said in the advert in Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Enel's spokeswoman in Rome said the advert's text in Italian which was sent to the newspaper did not contain the word "Gazprom" in that paragraph and was added when it was translated into Russian by the newspaper.

A spokesman for PBN, which handles Enel's public relations in Russia, declined to comment on the error. ..."
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