May 27th, 2011


Боже мой... и даже Miami Vice....

Aqua - Back To The 80's

Back in the Ronald Reagan days
When we put satellites in space
When boys wore skinny leather ties, oo-oh-oh
Like Don Johnson from Miami Vice

When M&M was just a snack
And Michael Jackson's skin was black 1
Back when the coolest thing in store, oo-oh-oh
Was a Commodore 64

Back to the 80s
Back to Soap
Back to Rocky and Cherry Coke, yeah
Those were the days
And we go

Back to the 80s
Say 'Hey there, Mister T.'
Put Twisted Sisters on MTV, yeah
Those were the days
I'll come back

To Iron Maiden and 7-Up (Oo-oh yeah)
Bananarama and Breakfast Club
Come back (Yeah)
Come back (Yeah)
I'll come back

When Huey Lewis was the news
And we went flying with Tom Cruise
When shoulder pads and looking tough, ooh-oh-oh
Was the dirty David Hasselhoff

Too many men with heavy makeup on (Hey)
Too many poodles with guitars
Thanks for all the joy you've given us
You will always be our superstars

Hooray for Cosby and Rubik's cube
Hooray for Dynasty and moon boots
Hooray for Devo and barber curls
Hooray for Poltergeist and Barbie girls