September 16th, 2008

"He confirmed he was going down but kept climbing."

Associated Press: "... Flight controller Irek Bikbov told state-run Channel One TV on Monday that the pilot was behaving strangely, disobeying orders to descend on the final approach and instead taking the jet to a higher altitude.

"I informed the pilot that he has reached a point where he should go down," Bikbov said in an audio recording broadcast on TV. "He confirmed he was going down but kept climbing."

Bikbov then ordered the pilot to make a second run, but instead of making the right turn he turned left.

When he asked the pilot whether things were normal on board, the pilot answered positively but his voice was strained as if under stress, Bikbov said.

"He was behaving in a strange manner and wasn't following my orders," Bikbov said. The last thing controllers heard was a scream in the cockpit seconds before the plane crashed."



Иногда, когда еду по главной, со всеми полагающимися приоритетами, со второстепенной рвется какой-нибудь ..... и я притормаживаю чуть-чуть. Ну не понимаю я, собирается он тормозить или нет! Есть такие. Если он впендюрится мне в бок, то будет однозначно виноват, но меня это совсем не утешает.... А тут ведь какая-то засада: оба тормозим, а потом - кто первым? И что делать? Ускоряться тоже страшно. Обычно стараюсь ехать как можно равномернее.