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В HBR интервью с Рушди вдруг. Выпишу кое-что, как ни странно, пригодится для работы.

Life’s Work: An Interview with Salman Rushdie

-- You're very active on Twitter. What's the appeal?

-- Just the immediacy - being able to say what you have to say right away, unmediated. You know, books take a really long time to write. It's ridiculous to try to address topical, hot-button issues in fiction, because we live in a moment of very fast change. Social media are the opposite of books. Tweets have no long-term life, but they have a useful immediacy. I resisted Twitter in the beginning, but a friend twisted my arm, so I tried it, and to my complete shock, I'm at a million followers. It puts a megaphone in your hand. And when there's something to shout about, it's useful to have a megaphone.

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