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Во-первых, обновила себе юзерпик. Прежнему-то уже семь лет скоро.

Во-вторых, несмотря на данные себе страшные клятвы не читать больше Валё с супругой, как только закончила The Abominable Man - мне активно не понравилась книга, впрочем, она хороша для экранизации - так сразу и загрузила сих авторов еще одно произведение из оставшихся двух о Мартине Беке: The Fire Engine That Disappeared. Сжилась наверно. Как подумаю, как они там без меня в отделе по расследованию убийств, и сразу переживаю.

А уж каких цитат я оттуда понадергивала про Швецию, про Стокгольм, про шведскую полицию. Прям как в Швеции побывала пятьдесят лет назад. То есть нет - все здесь у нас имеется. Ой сколько у меня этого добра - не знаю, зачем. Но электронная книга существенно облегчает расстановку пометок на полях, зараза такая.

"Because everyone knows it's pointless to report a policeman. The general public has no legal rights vis-a-vis the police. And if you can't win a case against a beat constable, then how in the world could you win a case against a chief inspector?"
The Abominable Man

"Stockholm's inhabitants looked on with sorrow and bitterness as serviceable and irreplaceable old mansion blocks were razed to make way for sterile office buildings. Powerless, they let themselves be deported to distant suburbs while the pleasant, lively neighbourhoods where they had lived and worked were reduced to rubble. The inner city became a clamorous, all but impassable construction site from which the new city slowly and relentlessly arose with its broad, noisy traffic arteries, its shining facades of glass and light metal, its dead surfaces of flat concrete, its bleakness and its desolation"
The Abominable Man

"inbuilt stupidity of the police force"
The Terrorists

"the days were long gone when a Stockholmer could buy anything fresh without having to make a particular effort or pay an outrageous price"
The Locked Room

"Behind its spectacular topographical facade and under its polished semi-fashionable surface, Stockholm had become an asphalt jungle, where drug addiction and sexual perversion ran more rampant than ever. Unscrupulous profiteers could make enormous profits quite legally on pornography of the sleaziest kind. Professional criminals became not only more numerous but also better organized. An impoverished proletariat was also being created, especially among the elderly. Inflation had given rise to one of the highest costs of living in the world, and the latest surveys showed that many pensioners had to live on dog and cat food in order to make ends meet"
Murder at The Savoy

"an isolated group of high-rise flats, slapped together quickly and carelessly, whose sole purpose was to make as large a profit as possible for the owner while at the same time guaranteeing unpleasantness and discomfort for the unfortunate people who had to live there"
  Murder at The Savoy  

"the paradox that the police profession in itself calls for the highest intelligence and exceptional mental, physical and moral qualities in its practicians but has nothing to attract individuals who possess them".
The Laughing Policeman

"Decent chaps and family men get their information from the media, which supply their readers and viewers with 'juicy descriptions' of the murders in a socially sanctioned pornography of violence. Brutality is omnipresent and casual"
The Man on the Balcony

"His sense of humour was not nonexistent, but very modest; he was parsimonious and dull and never had brilliant ideas or sudden inspiration. Briefly, he was a first-class policeman".
The Fire Engine That Disappeared.

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