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У Киры Каплински вышли две книги фотографий. - где можно эти книги заказать - это и сообщество для профессиональных и начинающих фотографов.
Где можно издать книгу своих фотографий - печать по требованию: While it is absolutely true our services are free, we do intend to create some revenue, so Viovio can keep rockin'! Our product is a fabulous custom print on demand photo book that you create with the Viovio bookmaker process. We are thrilled to be able to provide the means to upload your images today and receive your photo book in the mail 5-6 business days later. We also offer the ability to upgrade your storage capacity. If the 200 MB of free photo storage is not enough, we offer more MB for reasonable annual fees. So if you really want to share your world, contact us to upgrade.

Так... кто будет печататься? :))
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