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Мир по Кларксону

На День Города при большом стечении народа открыли в Мытищах фонтан. И не просто брызгалка для питья, а вот такая вот высокотехнологичная штуковина: пишет solaris65 -
Очень хочется посмотреть и сфотографировать. Ну-ка, где мой штатив? Со времени миланской экспедиции валяется где-то на шкафу.

А при чем тут Кларксон?
Вот что он пишет: ".. In this country (UK - perlovka), most people's idea of a fountain is some cherub having a wee.
Last year the Fountain Society gave its award for best new water feature to Sheffield for its cascade in the Peace Gardens. It's good, especialy at night, but (comparatively speaking) it's a bit of a Dimmock.
Think of Vienna where crystalline water gushes from every hole in every paving stone, or Paris where giant cannons fire trillions of gallons into a frenzy of rainbows under the Eiffel Tower.
In Dubai you have the seven-star Burj Al Arab. It's the best hotel in the world, more flunkies than an Edwardian tea party, rooms the size of Wales, food to stump A. A. Gill and views from the top-floor restaurant of F-15s lining up on their Baghdad bomb runs. It has everything.
But all anyone who has been there talks about is the fountain in the lobby.
Fountains can do that. Everyone loves a fountain and Parliament Square is the perfect place to build the mother of all water features." ("The Lottery will Subsidise Everything, Except Fun")
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