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From 'Dog'

from Dog: "Urbanites accustomed to seeing pet dogs dressed in plastic rainwear and acrylic sweaters may see a recent book like Knitting with Dog Hair as the height of bourgeois absurdity".

My comment:
Interesting, but until very recently and may be they still do it some people here collected their dogs' hair (if the dogs had any!) and knit or had someone knit socks and other things for them. I heard many people say that dog's hair is kind of medicinal, exceptionally good to protect joints etc from cold. May be that was an echo of ancient beliefs about dogs' ability to kinda pull the disease from the owner's body and relieve pain and the like. On the other hand I think I can attribute this practice to 'general survival' ways in the former Soviet Union when wool for domestic knitting was not to be easily found in stores. Why not collecting some hair if your dog supplies a lot? I still remember how my friend's mom bought woolen blankets, undid them and knit sweaters! That was about 20 years ago.

ЗЫ. Вообще жесть. Этот коммент я хотела повесить у себя на ФБ в качестве поста. Но он оказался слишком большим! Много букв. Зато ссылку туда поместить очень удобно. Даже предлагается использовать мой здешний юзерпик. OMG.
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